About Us

Brio Agri is a prominent producer company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. The company operates under the aegis of its parent concern- Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd.

Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd is a commercial hydroponic farm specialist, using controlled environment agriculture and sustainable modern farming techniques. We offer highly productive hydroponic models for the new age farmer.

Brio Agri is specialized in the business of hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) since 2014. We are into supply and installation of commercial hydroponic and greenhouse projects. Brio Agri offers 360-degree solution for both outdoor and indoor types of hydroponic growing systems for the commercial growers. as well as Home Growing Solutions for family daily needs. Brio Agri deal in NFT Channel System for leafy vegetables – such as herbs and leafy vegetables, Dutch Bucket, Grow Bags and Coco Peat Trough Systems for vine crops such as tomatoes, capsicum and cucumbers etc.

Brio Agri emphasizes service, quality, and competitive pricing, and we are the only full service hydroponic company in India, that offers a full range of services from Training, Material Supply, Installations to complete technical assistance. We also help the client in marketing it’s produces. We not only know the importance of supplying high-quality hydroponic material, but also offering the superior technical support necessary to help our growers succeed.

Brio Agriwants to be your Agribusiness partner. Whether you're looking to learn about hydroponics or need hydroponic projects, we are here to assist.

Brio Agri offer more access to the people for freshest, cleanest, tastiest and safest produce.



"To provide a better environment for our ecosystem by offering healthier solutions"



  • BAPCP always Demands Excellence
  • BAPCP always Challenges Status Quo
  • BAPCP always Speaks from Meaningful Experience
  • BAPCP always has a Quest to Learn
  • BAPCP is always Responsive & Result Oriented
  • BAPCP is a Relationship for Healthy Life



"To Incorporate the great practices of TATA, be Harvard of Healthy Environment, Create 10 Million successful health stories and Become 5 billion $ company by 2040"


"100 % Sincere Commitment for Consumer's health"