Hydroponic Germination Sponge Cube

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A lower density and higher drainage foam, the Oasis Cubes growing medium is specially engineered for the seed germination of vegetables and herbs in Hydroponic systems. Designed for serious growers, the Oasis Cubes' higher drainage design helps to maintain an ideal air-to-water balance, even under heavy watering conditions. The enhanced drainage also keeps the top of the media drier, helping to minimize algae growth. The lower density of the Cubes' foam medium enables superior root growth.

  • Each sheet contains 156 Cubes. One box contains 20 Sheets. 
  • High-drainage product characteristic is ideal for crops requiring high air porosity.
  • 32.5 x 30.5 x 3.7
  • A specifically engineered balance of water and air promotes vigorous root development.
  • Maintains the original air porosity: the cells do not compact after continual watering.

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