IntelliDose - Controller To Measure pH, EC/CF/TDS

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Automatically manage your nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data log your progress with one simple controller. The IntelliDose sets the industry standard for a small commercial auto-dosing.

Dose up to a 9 part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings.

The Intellidose controls one reservoir. 

Why IntelliDose?

  • You can access your control system remotely through IntelliGrow
  • Dose up to 8 nutrient parts
  • Run up to 4 irrigation stations

The IntelliDose Kit includes:

  • IntelliDose controller
  • EC probe
  • pH electrode
  • Sample pot with all fittings
  • Calibration solutions (to get you started)
  • 3 x 350ml/min Peri Pump
  • 24V DC 2.5A power supply with universal plug
  • 3m USB cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instruction manual


  • Controls all growing methods - NFT, DFT/DWC, soil, media, drip, and aeroponics
  • Measure nutrients in EC/CF/TDS (500/640/700 scale)
  • Lower or raise pH
  • Able to set different EC for day and night
  • Able to lower EC by adding water
  • Receive SMS alerts
  • Irrigation pump outputs
  • Fail-safe dosing shut offs

Tech Specs:

  • 9 outputs 24VDC (or same voltage as supplied by plug pack)
  • Nutrient measurement units EC, CF or TDS (500/640/700)
  • Measured range 0.00 to 9.99EC, 0.1 to 99.99CF, 0 to 7000PPM
  • Nutrient resolution to .01mS/cm, 0.1CF
  • Nutrient measurement accuracy +/-0.1EC, 1.0CF or 10PPM (temperature compensated)
  • Nutrient dosing range 0.00 to 5.99EC, 0.1 to 59.9CF, 0 to 4200PPM
  • pH resolution and accuracy - 0.1pH
  • pH measurement range 2pH to 12pH 
  • Nutrient and pH dosing times settable from 0 minutes to 254 minutes

Note: In order to connect the Intellidose to the internet you will need to purchase an IntelliLink (purchased separately in the store) and IntelliGrow subscription. Register for subscription here after hardware purchase: